Why Steve Jobs Restricted his Children using Technology?

Let’s face it.

Steve Jobs created Apple computers, iphone and ipad.

But he restricted his children using it.

Like him many other tech wizards do that.

But we and our children are enslaved by them.

According to McAfee’s Tweens, Teens & Technology India Report 2014, young people are spending online more than 5 hours in a week. Every concerned parent should read this report to know the dangerous trends among teens in India using the technology.

Tim Elmore, who is a youth educator in his blog writes how should we use technology wisely and how our children should be restricted from using them.

If our current addictions to our iPhones or other devices are any indication, we may be setting our children up for incomplete, handicapped lives—devoid of imagination, creativity and wonder—when we allow them unlimited access to screens.

He also gives three steps to leverage the technology which can enable them to grow with them.
You can read the blog article here.


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