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God’s Masterpiece

Pause for a moment and imagine God as an artist standing in front of an empty white canvas. The colors are ready and so is the paint brush. He is about to portray a beautiful picture, one that he conceived long long ago in his mind. With the brush the first strokes are made on the canvas…the blue sky above and the brown earth below…a few touches of yellow and chestnut here and there…and glittering flashes of water at random…oh the backdrop is ready! God steps back and takes a look. We hear him say, “It looks good.”

The brush is back on the canvas…this time it is green all the way…a few tall pines, mangoes and apples on lush branches, some short shrubs and few dark patches (meadows). Once more time, God steps back and takes a look at his work. We hear him say, “It looks good.”

After a little pause, God hurries back to the canvas and puts the Sun and moon on the horizon with a tinge of yellow, orange and silver. The canvas gets brightened up! God moves back yet again and takes a quick look. We hear him say, “It looks good.” He gets excited…he dips the brush back and forth in red, violet, blue, yellow, indigo, maroon, green, amber, almond, blond, burgundy, rose, pink, gray, jade, khaki, neon, and even black…and paints a few lions, elephants, peacocks, camels, frogs, honey-bees, mosquitoes (I wish he hadn’t done this!), seer-fish (Thank you God for this!), a few crocs, dolphins, snakes, etc, etc. The canvas is almost full. It is colorful too! God steps back and takes one final look at his portrait. We hear him say, “Oh it looks very good, in fact picture perfect!”

“God saw that it was good” is one of the refrains of the creation story found in Genesis chapter one. It is interesting to see how God reviewed his handiwork at the turn of each day to make assessment. He wanted to make sure his work was good. He wanted to give his best shot. That’s his character. “Give the best” is his work mantra. And the word ‘mediocre’ has no place in his dictionary. No wonder when he finished his entire creation episode, he was able to say, “It is very good (Gen.1:31).” He sensed fulfillment, joy and accomplishment.

How about us? What is our attitude towards work? Many a time, we want to ‘some how’ complete the work assigned to us. We are least bothered about ‘how good’ our work is. Perhaps, we need to learn a lesson or two from God’s work ethics. Do you have a passion for excellence like God? Do you desire to give your best in your work like God? It is important for us to realize that our work reflects our inner character. Creation is God’s signature work and it still shows forth his glory (his character) – Psa.19.

May we have a change in our attitude to work in the coming days… If you are a teacher, give your best to the students. If you are a software professional, give your best shot at what you do. If you are a preacher, preach your heart and soul. If you are a student, present your best paper in the class.  If you are a home maker, give your best to your family…and if you are a cook, prepare the best dish ever! Remember, our work reflects who we are! God bless you.

Post Script: God wanted to present his beautiful portrait as a gift to someone he loved. So he gave the canvas to Adam and Eve who were made out of clay a day later. He told them, “This is my Birthday gift to you. Preserve it carefully.”

Written by Sam K. John.

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