Connecting Faith and Life

The Pianomaker

Steinway & Sons, which was founded in 1853, is the maker of the finest pianos in the world.  They make grand concert pianos and also smaller family living room pianos. Steinway pianos are unique; no two Steinways ever sound exactly alike. Each and every Steinway has its own distinctive personality.  Some have a quieter voice and others have a big booming sound. Steinway explains that it is impossible to build “perfect” pianos, because they are all different.  It is the difference that makes them special to individual musicians. When famous artists select their pianos for their performances they try one piano after another till they find that one particular piano that exactly suits them.

Steinway attributes the different personalities in each piano to their unique, hand-made building process. Building of a Steinway begins with a careful search for wood from Alaska.  This is followed by months of curing.  An entire team of 450 craftspeople (many of them second and third-generation Steinway artisans) work meticulously for 12 months.  About 12,116 parts and more than 125 patents go into the Steinway.  This is why to most world renowned pianists, these Steinways aren’t just pianos. They are like living beings, loyal friends – each one unique, alert, and responsive. Steinway builds less than 5,000 pianos in a year while another popular piano maker mass produces 2,00,000 pianos in a year.

When God made you and me, he was like the Steinway piano maker who carefully handcrafts each and every piano.  Each one is unique and each one is different. When people leave organizations, some say: “Men may come and men may go but the organization goes on forever,” or “No one is indispensable,” or “No one is absolutely necessary or essential,” or “If one leaves there will be another who will come and fill in that position and carry out that role.”  But in God’s world, I am indispensable and you are indispensable. Everyone is indispensable. The reason: each one is so unique that no one else can replace; no one else can make that contribution for which you and I are uniquely gifted. King David’s expression is fitting as he says to God, “I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way.”

Written by Joseph Devadason, VP, Kodai Christian College, Kodai. 

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