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How an Indian went to all 245 nations of the World by trusting God

Unbelievable, an Indian!
Hold on.
We have heard many great stories of faith, but most of the time it will about a westerner.
I always wondered where are the stories of faith of Indians who trusted God.
The story of Benny Prasad is inspiring. He traveled to all the countries of the world with an Indian passport and faith in God.
His principle was simple: No Asking, No loans, No debt, No credit cards. Go when God provides the finances.
His story testifies again that God can use “useless” people for His glory and honor.
Listen to the talk he gave to YWAM team the need to trust God for all our provisions.God will provide for anyone who trusts him.

God of Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Paul, George Mueller,,, Benny Prasad still lives.
God is waiting for working on a behalf of those who trust him.
Will you be the one?

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