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Is There a Way Out of Porn?

It is seldom that one escapes the snare of porn during the growing up years of life. A decade or two ago, porn had to be sought out in book stalls in the form of sleazy story books or erotic picture collections. Today, with the web invading our lives, porn has found an easy way to reach us. Sincere followers of Christ know that pornography is sinful and deceptive. It corrupts one’s mind and leads to addiction. Porn addicts constantly wallow in the ocean of guilt, hurting themselves and their loved ones. Nevertheless, they lack power to break the stronghold. Many say, “I have vowed a thousand times not to yield, I have fasted several times, prayed over it, but nothing seems to work. I fall again and again.” Many ask, “What must be done to overcome porn addiction?” There are no easy solutions. The following are some suggestions to help you in your battle against the flesh.  

Pray continually. You need divine help to break the stronghold. You need more of his grace and strength. So don’t lose heart. Keep praying for deliverance. Claim God’s promises when you pray (John 8:36).

Fill you mind with pure thoughts. Your mind matters. Fill your mind with God’s word and pure thoughts (Phil.4:8). The more your mind gets renewed by His word (Rom.12:1-2), you stand a better chance to overcome porn addiction. Remember: only God’s light can drive away sinful darkness from our lives.

Identify root causes and take precautions. You need to identify the situations that lead you to porn. Some seek comfort through porn when feeling lonely. Some look for porn as a way of relaxation after a hard day’s work or study. Some take the porn route to drive away boredom or monotony. Ask yourself: “When do I feel like watching porn?” Identify your vulnerability and take precautions. Find alternative ways of relaxation. Find new stress busters. Keep yourself occupied and avoid being lonely. Channelize your creative energy into something useful. At times, you may need to be harsh on yourself. For instance, if your private net connection is making you vulnerable, disconnect it.

Talk to someone about it. Tell your struggle to someone who knows you well (and has the ability to keep it confidential). Struggling alone is tough. Open yourself to another believing friend. We don’t have to fool each other. We are all co-strugglers in one thing or the other. Share your struggle with someone and pray together regularly. It will help each other to grow and mature in Christ.

Seek Professional Help. There are times when a porn addict needs professional help. When things are out of control and you feel your normal life is being affected by your obsession with pornography, it is better to seek help through a trained Christian counsellor or psychiatrist. If you think you are not comfortable meeting counsellors in person, help is available for you online.,,,,,

Prepare yourself for lifelong battle. Perhaps, you wish that one day you will overcome porn addiction once for all and become a ‘porn-proof’ person. I have come across people who were instantly delivered by God from certain addictive habits. I believe in such experiences. Nevertheless, the experience of many sincere followers of Christ has been different. Porn continues to trouble many despite their longing for deliverance. They need to depend on God on a daily basis and be cautious all the time. The struggle with pornography may be a lifelong one for you too. But the good news is, with God’s help you can experience victory day by day!

By Sam K John

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