Connecting Faith and Life

Faith-Life Connection

Faith and trust are most essential for the very existence of human race. For example, we trust our milkman. If we have a little doubt about his milk, we would not be able to have morning coffee with milk in it! We trust rail way time tables. We trust taxi drivers. We trust people around us to make our lives. Otherwise our life will be miserable. Sometimes we get deceived. Some people are not trust worthy. In spite of this vulnerability, we are compelled to trust to make our life on earth. The word ‘faith’ is a misunderstood word. To many, faith is believing something which is not real. But the Bible says faith is assurance, faith is evidence of things unseen (Heb.11:1).

Unlike people, God is always trustworthy. His word is always true. Jesus said, “heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not… (Mt.24:35). So when we trust God’s word, we are putting our trust in something which NEVER changes, never deceives. There are hundreds of clear promises in the word and all are for anyone who believes (Jn.11:40). Do you have a mountain to be removed from your life? Find if there is a corresponding promise of God in His word. Take hold of the promise of God and tell Him that you trust His word and go on trusting His word without a speck of doubt and see the mountain being removed from your life. Amen.

By Mathew Paul

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