Connecting Faith and Life

Little by Little…

Are you frustrated that you are not able to give regularly? As believers we are called to give and we are asked to excel in our giving. Everybody desires to give, but it doesn’t happen automatically. So here are some ideas that you can implement to give regularly.

1. Plan to give: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So plan early, how much to give, whom to give and how to give. Make a yearly
financial budget and incorporate giving as part of your financial planning.

2. Separate the money: If you’ve made a budget and know how much to give, then separate the money as soon as you get your salary. One way is to move the money to a separate bank account or keep it in a separate envelope. Now most of the banks have automatic withdrawal/transfer facility or use the NEFT feature to transfer the money automatically.

3. Reduce the expenses: I still remembera student who gave me Rs.500 without spending all the money his parents gave, when
he went for a tour. Reduce your expenses, reduce your debts and then you can give more.

4. Integrate giving in daily life: Women in North East India have a practice of taking handful rice, whenever they cook and keep it
separate for mission work. I know of an old woman who passionately collects new coins and puts them in a piggy bank to donate.

By Shibu K Mathew

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