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Mobile Phone Addiction

Although not as deadly as other forms of addiction, mobile phone addiction is still real trouble. Whether it is texting, checking out social networking sites, instant messaging, or calling; fixation in the use of the cell phone is already considered by many as an addiction. Psychologists argue that this dependence is unhealthy and term it as an “obsessive compulsive disorder.” If the user by any chance becomes unable to continue using the mobile at his/her previous pace, they literally suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, isolation, lack of concentration and depression.

*Addicts tend to be crippled and upset when their mobile phones aren’t around.
*Anxiety level increases when mobiles get switched off due to low battery or when it is not in their hand.
*An increasing expense related to cell phone usage (Top up’s).
*Spending hours waiting impatiently for text messages and calls from people.
*Isolates oneself from others and is totally fixated on using the cell phone at all times.
*Spend hours on end talking or texting when more important activities or chores need to be done.

1. Do I charge my mobile more than twice or thrice a day?
2. Do I get anxious if my mobile phone is not around?
3. Is it a regular habit for me to text people and chat with them?
4. Do I prefer to stay isolated and talk for hours on the mobile?
5. Am I affected a lot if my text messages go unanswered?
6. Do I find it hard to switch off my mobile even during my quiet time with God?
7. Do I suffer from insomnia because I constantly check my mobile for text messages?
8. Do I find it impossible to switch off my mobile even while it is getting charged?
9. Do I sneak my mobile phones to places where they are prohibited?
10. Is it a regular habit to talk to people over the mobile when I’m driving?
(If you have answered YES to five or more of these questions you are a mobile addict)

Being aware that you have a problem will make it easier for you to get back on the right track. Breaking free from mobile phone dependence is a road that mobile phone junkies are reluctant to take. But remember, conquering mobile phone addiction with God on your side would not be a hard feat at all.

*Acknowledge before God that you are a mobile addict and confess your inability to handle your mobile in the
right way (1John:1:9)

*Start the weaning process. Reduce the time spent on your phone. Use the time elsewhere in some other hobby
that you love. (Painting, playing games, writing, riding, walking, etc)

*Turn it off at night after ten and leave it elsewhere in the room. (Not under the pillow)

*Allow the mobile to have its time of rest at least when it is getting charged by switching it off.

*Commit to turning the cell phone off, or putting it out of your sight, when engaged in a face to face conversation with another person.(Mat:7:12)

*Work and romantic relationships are not built on 180 character sarcastic notes constantly exchanged with one another. Rather, healthy relationships are God ordained and to be treated with reverence.

*Use your mobile phone for the glory of God.

*Try connecting with people around you instead of trying to get connected over the cell phone.

*Minimize your long conversations on the mobile and talk to the point.

*Ask God for the fruit of self control (Gal: 5:22).

Be encouraged and join the Apostle Paul in saying, “I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”(Phil: 4:13).

By Sarah Susannah Sampath

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