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Josh McDowell: The Last Christian Generation


This book reveals the depth of the burden the author has for the youth of today and portrays the stark reality of the current generation. Surveys among churched youth reveal that 50-60% of them do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God or that He rose  from the dead, do not believe that the Holy Spirit and Satan even exist, believe all faiths teach equally valid truths, believe there are no absolute truths or moral standards. Many youth have a distorted view of Christianity, of the truth, of reality and of the true Church.

Josh McDowell has done extensive research to understand the youth of today, their language, thoughts, ideas, attitudes, behaviors and has compiled these shocking facts. He attacks the root of the problem that we have not presented to our youth our God as a God of redemption, relationships and restoration. He details a blueprint to rebuild the true foundation of the Christian faith by changing our educational model to the Hebraic model of living out the truth. He explains how youth workers ought to make it a process-driven ministry and understand their youth better in order to make them better disciples for Christ. The title of this book may be shocking and sensational but the author is very true when he says – “Unless something is done now to change the spiritual state of our youth you will become the last Christian generation!”

By Shirley Robin.

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