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Money or Honey: Your Choice!

Today many families are ruined by a giant killer called money. The craze for affluence and fear of security are T driving many couples to look for better job prospects that pay a ‘little bit more’! Many a couple do not have time for each other. Husbands and wives sometimes meet each other only on Sundays. For the children, the father looks like ‘uncle papa’ and for the neighbors the husband looks like a weekend lover. For a ‘little bit more,’ couples are today, willing to live separately (in two places) for years together. Most think that wealth, houses, cars, life insurance policies, and children’s education are the most important things in life. How sad that for just a ‘little bit more’ many lose the whole joy of family togetherness, food, fun and fellowship. How true is God’s word which says, “For the love of money is the root of a l l kinds of evil .” (I Tim.6:10). One of the major purposes of family life is to remove loneliness (Gen. 2:18). We are created for companionship and relationship. Marriage is God’s answer to man’s (woman’s) loneliness. That is why of all the relationships, the husband and wife relationship is very intimate and unique. Even a temporary separation is very painful. We do not feel deep pain when we leave our parents in search of a job. It does not hurt us much when a friend leaves us on transfer. But, even a three-day tour away from home is depressing. We long to go back home.

To be loved and to give love is a basic emotional need and the love of a spouse is very special. Many people who compromise on their family life for ‘a little bit more’ end up struggling with loneliness. In many cases, loneliness leads to extra-marital affairs, addiction to pornography, discreet fantasies, and flirting (sexting) with the opposite gender. Once people get addicted to such behaviors (coping mechanisms), it is difficult to bring them out of the bondage. No wonder, today 60 to 70 percent of all divorces are because of unfaithfulness in marriage. Godliness that leads to contentment is what we need to pursue today. Do not be conformed or influenced by the patterns of this world (Rom. 12:1). Learn to live with what you have. Do not compromise your family joy and peace for some extra peanuts. Our prosperity and security are in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ alone. Honey over money or money over honey? The choice is yours!

By Peter and Sally

  1. Ranjith says

    I wish & pray that this would be full filled in my life ” Godliness that leads to contentment is what we need to pursue”

  2. Debbie says

    So true!

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