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Sex – Change!

After late dinner, I tuned on the TV to National Geographic channel at 11 pm this Friday. The program was titled Taboo…curious enough I stayed put to watch it till the end. The first case study was about a married couple who were in their early forties – the man…a well built guy…sporting a French beard and short hair, and his voice really husky. And his wife…a tall lovely lady with beautiful eyes and half-blonde hair reaching her shoulders. If you thought they were just like any other couple, moments later, you were in for a shock. The lady of the family once upon a time was a gentleman and the gentleman of the family once upon a time was a lady! (Appearances could be deceptive – heard it somewhere?!)

The second case study was about a male who opted to change his gender into half male and half female – hybrid…What? @#!  (I wish I could see your heads spinning). The third case study was on the former European Pole vault champion Yvonne Buschbaum who changed her identity into a fully functional male. Today Yvonne is known as Balian who flaunts his six pack abs!

The one-hour episode of Taboo focused on a wide array of people who have chosen to change their gender or live outside of the binary (Male and Female) gender choices. In all the three case studies, the people involved felt that they were trapped in ‘another’ body until their liberation through sex-change. After undergoing the surgery for liberation, the following day Yvonne wrote in ‘his’ blog: “Courage is the road to freedom. I woke up in complete freedom today. The sky is wide open. I am still flying on my clouds of freedom and won’t land until the end the November, at the earliest.”

A section of the worldwide medical fraternity and psychologists are now telling us that binary gender roles (Male and Female) is nothing but a long held social construction. There can be more than two genders (several hybrids). They argue that Biological sex and gender are different. Gender is not based in physical anatomy, but rather on whether a person identifies with being male or female and how they live or wish to live their lives. Our biology is pre-determined but Gender is a choice. So they tell us…society needs to remove the taboo tag and recognize ‘other genders’ as normal.

After the program got over, I just couldn’t stop thinking about what we read in Genesis 1:27. “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” The Scripture throughout OT and NT maintains this truth – there are only two genders in God’s creation – male and female. To say that “God made me a woman (gender) but put me in a man’s body (biology) or vice verse” is an attack on God’s creative ability. That will lead to two conclusions: Either God made a mistake or He purposely messed it up.

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Sam K John

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  1. Divjyot says

    I have a question for you. You say that, “Either God made a mistake or He purposely messed it up.” So your conclusion is that God does not make mistakes and by implication every person born is always born in the “image” God intended that person to be. Going by your logic, the way we are born is exactly the way God intended us to be and hence we should not attempt to change any aspect of our self.
    If this is really so, what would you say for children born with deformities, or even congenital twins. According to your logic, doing anything to change their situation is messing up with God’s image!
    Closer to the area you have mentioned, there are numerous cases of babies being born with ambiguous genitalia* where it is not possible to determine physically if the child is a male or a female. How do you deal with this case? And more importantly, who is responsible for this clearly messed up situation?

    *Ambiguous genitalia is a birth defect where the outer genitals do not have the typical appearance of either a boy or a girl. (For more details see

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