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A Mother’s Question: Do We Really Know Our Children?

I recently heard a sigh of the mother of a young man in his early twenties, “What is the use of preaching to others when your own child doesn’t want to come to church?” Another mother was weeping about her boy, “Doesn’t he know that he shouldn’t be doing this?” It made me feel sick as I thought about what they said and being a mother of a four year old who is fast growing, I quietly prayed that God would help me.  It made me wonder, why are the boys so distant from the ways of God in their lives?

All of us are used to multitasking. Cooking, cleaning, getting the child ready for school, packing lunch boxes, dropping them, working, picking, cooking, cleaning, and if there is time some reading, fb etc. We do almost all the chores for our children. We even correct them…try to discipline them, help them with their homework but do we miss really knowing them? We often get so caught up in the whirlwind of doing things for our children that at the end of the day we neither have the patience nor the energy required in spending time to know them. Our days are usually so busy whether we work at home or out that it is often difficult to find moments of quietness when we can truly connect with our little ones.  Maybe that is how we grew up, by ourselves which is why most of us don’t know who we really are. According to Charles Swindoll (from the Biblical parenting series), we bring up our children the way we were brought up.

Spending time with our children is imperative in understanding them and leading them towards Christ and to the life that God intended for them. Are we too busy comparing our child with another child and wondering why he/she isn’t like him/her? Sometimes we let them watch television or play games on computers so they won’t trouble us with their endless questions and requests. We are also too busy with our work (outside or at home) or with our friends etc and finally when the child goes his way, become rebellious and don’t want to listen to the things of God we wonder where it all went wrong. We try to blame it on every other thing.

Do we know our children? Who they really are, what they are good at, their individual gifts and talents, the areas where they struggle, what they know and understand about God. Why don’t we stop today and spend time, meaningfully with our God given precious little gift and try to understand him/her and teach them the ways of God in a way that they will grasp it and apply in their own life. It takes time, determination, patience, courage and an understanding of the importance of our God given role as mothers.

 By Lynda Robins 

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  1. Shushant says

    Thanks for reminding, such vital thing sometime when we dont know who our kids really are they are in danger of losing their identity easily

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