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An Irony on Easter Morning!

A careful reader of the Bible cannot miss the Easter Morning Irony. Take a look at the two disciples walking down the road to Emmaus from Jerusalem (Luke 24:13-35). They were downcast, dejected and confused. Why downcast? They had been with Jesus for a while and had accepted Him as their Master…now he is no more. Why dejected? They had believed that Jesus their Messiah would restore Jewish dynasty but He was put to death shattering all such hopes. Why confused? His body was missing from the tomb and some of their women friends had visions of Angels declare His resurrection. Needless sorrow and needless confusion! How else could we describe this irony? They were worrying for nothing! They were worrying for Jesus who was indeed Risen!!

This incident exposes their ‘faith deficit.’ Consider these: 1) The OT Scriptures in plenty talked about Jesus’ resurrection. 2) Jesus had clearly foretold them not only about his death but also his resurrection. 3) The tomb appeared empty on the third day. 3) Some of their friends had visions in which Jesus’ resurrection was confirmed. In spite of all these evidences, the disciples were still not in a mood to believe. They were still worried, dejected and at best confused. Hence, what should have been a time of celebration and rejoicing turned out to be one of sorrow for ‘lack of faith.’ They were slow to believe.

The worst kind of deficit God’s children could face in their life is Faith Deficit. The Israelites faced this very often in the wilderness journey. Every time they faced a crisis, their lack of faith got plainly exposed. They just could not trust God in spite of all that He had done in their lives. When they stood at Kadesh Barnea, just a few miles away from the Promised Land, once again they falter for lack of faith. They could not believe that God who delivered them from the Egyptian oppression, God who divided the Red sea, God who gave them Manna and Quail, God who kept them safe and sound thus far…was able to lead them in Canaan. What a sad commentary – they wandered in the wilderness for the next forty years!

Many a time, like the disciples we too experience needless sorrow and confusion for lack of trust in the Lord. Every crisis in our life provides an opportunity to grow in faith. And as we grow from faith to faith we will realize the blessedness of Christian life. Have you been struggling to put your faith in God? You are not alone. Many do have a struggle in their faith walk. Perhaps, we need to pray like the man in the Gospel who approached Jesus, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” (Mk.9:24).

By Sam K John

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