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Why Should you make Resolutions and Do it?

We all make resolutions.
Some wait for a new year, others after a conference or a seminar.
But majority of us fail to do it.
Some of us reminding ourselves of our early failures hesitate to make any more resolutions.
John Piper in this teaching video (11 minutes) clarifies these questions based on 2 Thess 1:11-12
Should Christians make resolutions?
How can we continue to do it?
What should be the goal of making resolutions?
If you haven’t made any resolutions yet, watch this video and make some resolutions.

“How do you make resolutions? By God’s grace. Through faith in God’s power. For God’s glory.” John Piper

Here is the video link

If you have decided to make some resolution here are 9 action steps from Rick Warren in two parts.
Part One: 4 steps to make goals
Part Two: How to get it done.

What resolutions are you going to make?

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