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Few Things you never heard about David and Goliath Story

David and Goliath.
A familiar story.
We have learned it, acted it and preached it yet sometimes we missed some key observations from the story.
Often the final conclusion we derive is “Small people can win over the Giants”.
We often associate Giant Goliath with strength and David as weak with no weapons.
But it is the opposite of what we thought tells Malcolm Gladwell, writer and master story teller in his TED talk based on his book. He explains the back ground of the story as well as brings out some important observations.
By the way, Malcolm ignores “God’s part” in the story for the success of David. And we know that God gave the victory to Israel through David.
However,here is a good lesson of observation of the text and collecting additional information to understand the context of scriptures to interpret it.
You can watch the video (15 minutes) or read the full transcript
[ted id=1831]
What do you think about this interpretation? Do you agree?

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